July 15, 2015


Transit stars Jim Caviezel as a father hell bent on taking his family camping despite the fact that a bunch of armored truck robbers stashed money amid his luggage and start chasing him through the swamps of southern Louisiana.

This movie did not work on many levels, but I thought the premise was decent. Robbers hide the money in order to get through a roadblock, then catch up with the family to get it back. Some things go awry and a bunch of unnecessary family drama gets in the way so that some really stupid decisions are made. Then when the violence escalates it becomes quite unrealistic, like when one guy takes several rounds to the chest and acts like nothing much happened.

Even worse, this movie doesn't look very good. The direction was already not good, but made worse by the choppy editing that tried to use a bunch of jump cuts and failed to make anything run smoothly. Also the whole thing was shot using a green filter that makes everyone look weird and sweaty. It does at least have a cool muscle car and the poster makes it look promising.

In the end, Transit is a B-movie with a couple of recognizable stars but the whole thing is hindered by a poorly written script. Don't waste your time streaming this one.

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